Welcome to the new U.S. Social Forum Disability Justice Committee website. Keep up with what we are doing, volunteer to help, ask for information in an alternative format, see how to make a contribution, link to the registration page, request a disability accommodation and more! Watch this page!


USSF Website

All very exciting!!!

The Contact Us, Get Involved, and Registration page all have links to the Access Page. The Access page now has DOC files for the individual and group registration and accommodation requests. Coming soon will also be the scholarship request form and the workshop request form. There will also be coming soon a link to a webform for accommodation requests.

New Email Address

Since Google/ Gmail is a part of corporate America, there is now a new email address for the Disability Justice Committee. It is access@USSF2010.org It will still forward to the same gmail account and be able to be forwarded automatically to whoever the content applies to.

Agenda for Tuesday Feb 2

Tuesday, February 2 –
2-3:30PM U. Methodist Church, 4th floor, next to Comerica Park

We may not be able to get through all this – some we may need to delegate to specific individuals. If there are people who cannot be at the meeting who have particular interests regarding any of these points – please be in touch.

If you are coming, let us know, so we can be on the look out for you.

1. What are we going to do to get these items in place?
• Registration page changes IN THE WORKS
• Accessibility statement on website IN THE WORKS
• Alternative format & accommodation requests on all documents

2.Logistics committee and Accessibility
• Choosing a checklist to evaluate Cobo
• Should access of Cobo be part of the Disability Justice committee

3. Outreach
• National Disability Organization to be a part of the National Planning committee, to register, to propose workshops
• Michigan Disability Organization to be a part of the National Planning committee, to register, to propose workshops
• To individuals with disabilities

4. Working Group Proposal
• revise proposal

5. Website
• What else should be on it?

6. Johnny Crescendo
• ARC Michigan will handle all transportation costs
• $750.00 for day
• In GR overnight 1/17 and 1/18
• We need to let the Arc know today 2/2 if we are going to also hire him as they want to make travel arrangements.

7. Guide to workshop presenters around access to be ready to go when their workshops are accepted

8. Children’s Forum – welcoming to children with disabilities?

9. Security – help them with preparing to deal w/ people with disabilities communication, cognitive, mental health especially

10. Culture & Programming – we need someone on their committee

11. Disability Access Help Desk – need volunteers

New Name!

Quintin, Rich, and Susan decided unanimously that we hated the committee name – so we changed it, effective immediately the committee is now named the Disability Justice committee!